Unveiling Your Unique Voice: A Writer’s Journey of Self-Discovery

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One of the many steps you take to become a writer is deciding what type of stories to tell. It is both a momentous occasion and one of little consequence.

Momentous Moment

We all have our favorite writers and genres. Those inspire us with the desire to tell stories in similar veins as those greats. It could be a classic like Heinlein, Asimov, Gernsbeck, or Le Guin. It could be more new age like Martin, Gaiman, Sanderson, or Shirtaloon. No matter how you look at it, what you read has an informed decision on what you want to write. In that pivotal moment of decision, when we choose to tread the path blazed by these literary titans, it feels akin to our own metaphorical “sword in the stone” moment.

Little Consequence

The truth is, however, that your choice at that moment is one you will make every time you sit down to write a new piece. That is until you find your voice. Along the way, as you discover the syntax and nuances of your talent, you will find that the voice you create is vastly different from the greats that came before you. While fragments of their influence may echo within our work, we acknowledge that we stand upon the shoulders of these literary giants, not merely placing them on pedestals of veneration. The true “sword in the stone” moment arrives not with the initial choice but rather at a later point when we cast aside thoughts of what or whom we write for and instead allow a part of ourselves to take shape on the page.

How do you find your voice?

Let us get to the reason you are here. Finding your voice can be serendipitous for many of us, but it takes a concerted effort to achieve that nirvanic state for others. That being said, there are steps you can take to make it easier.

Immerse Yourself in a World of Words: You can start by diving into the works written by all the greats. Take time to enjoy the worlds and stories written by others. As you immerse yourself in their works, observe how their storytelling captivates the imagination and study the nuances of their techniques. Don’t be afraid to let their influence inform your choices as you seek to discover your unique voice. This literary exploration will ignite the spark of creativity within you. One of the more fun ways to utilize that creativity is to write a scene that takes place in those worlds but never happened in the story.

Embrace the Journey of Self-Discovery: Unleashing your voice requires embarking on a transformative odyssey. Experiment with various writing styles, genres, and themes, fearlessly traversing uncharted territories. Don’t shy away from taking risks or deviating from your comfort zone. Allow yourself the freedom to make mistakes, for it is through these missteps that you unravel the essence of your literary prowess. Write something every day. I mean, write something with a purpose, not just a social media post. It could be flash fiction or a random character description. It doesn’t matter what you write so long as you do. Along with that, embrace the path of trial and error. Not everything will be good, but that’s how you get better. Don’t focus on grammar or syntax as you write the first drafts. That’s what your edits are for. Get the ideas

Let Your Essence Grace the Page: Finding your voice is about unearthing the core of your being and allowing it to permeate your writing. Embrace your unique perspective, experiences, and emotions, infusing them into your work. There are a combination of things you have done, seen, or felt that no one else on the planet has. Those are part of what makes you a unique individual and, in turn, what will help you tell stories that elicit emotion. Be unapologetically true to yourself, for it is in your vulnerability and honesty that your voice will resonate most profoundly. I will talk about it another day, but that emotional resonance is how you gauge your writing success. The process may be a gradual unveiling, but as you forge ahead with conviction, your authentic voice will emerge and perhaps the next titan of literature.

Your Voice Holds the Power

In the end, as you embark on the journey of becoming a writer, remember that your voice holds the power to captivate and inspire readers in ways only you can. It is a journey of self-discovery, where you unravel the essence of your being and infuse it into your writing. With each word you write, each story you tell, let your authenticity shine through. Embrace the unique perspectives, experiences, and emotions that make you who you are. By staying true to yourself and sharing your stories, you have the potential to create masterpieces that resonate deeply with readers.

And remember, you’re not alone on this journey. I invite you to connect with me across various online platforms. Let’s share our experiences, learn from one another, and support each other as we strive to unleash our creative voices. So, with that, start exploring and keep writing. Together, we will shape the literary landscape and leave a mark on the world with our words.