Welcome to my writing portfolio! I apologize for the lack of Pizzaz currently rebuilding the main site. In the meantime, here, you can explore a selection of my work, including short stories, flash fiction, comic book scripts, and screenplays. Feel free to download and enjoy!

Short Stories / Flash Fiction

Primetime on Primus V – In the unforgiving seas of Primus V, survival means everything. The electrifying tale of Jericho Pescatore, a young man born on Earth before the cataclysm, unfolds against the backdrop of a city of shanties, canals, and floating docks. When pirates attack his family’s vessel and threaten their lives, Jericho must confront his own fears and embrace the power within to protect those he loves.

Published 2021: ARZONO Publishing Presents The 2021 Annual: An Anthology of Short Stories & Poetry

Seventy-Two – Mika is a woman trapped in a paradox chamber where she revisits her past lives. As Mika experiences the final moments of her seventy-second incarnation, she yearns for the emotions and sensations that her chamber simulation cannot fully capture.

Ninth Level – In Ninth Level, follow Grynx, a third-level wizard, on his journey through different dimensions and galaxies. When a teleportation spell goes awry, Grynx finds himself stranded in an unknown land surrounded by giant trees and threatened by a fearsome metal minotaur.

Out on the Rim – Follow Korriana and her crew as they face the dangers of asteroid mining in the Kuiper belt.

Full Throttle – Join Oriana on a high-speed adventure and discover the reason behind her desperate race through busy streets

Comic Book Scripts

Forging a Sword: Comic Adaptation – A comic adaptation of a thrilling short story.


Forging a Sword – Enter the epic tale of “Forging a Sword,” where heroes Shiro’ken and Chysana join forces to save their kingdom from destruction. Amidst a deadly invasion, unlikely alliances are forged, and courage is put to the ultimate test. Will humanity survive the onslaught, or will they fall to the relentless forces closing in on them? Witness the struggle for survival and the power of unity in this gripping story of hope and sacrifice.

Scrapped – In “Scrapped,” a treasure hunter named Max searches for the essence of a fallen star but finds an alien ship filled with powerful technology instead. Teaming up with a mysterious robotic companion, they face dangerous enemies and hidden dangers. Will Max’s greed lead him to untold wealth, or will it be the catalyst for a life-changing revelation?

Throttledown: Screenplay Adaptation – A screenplay adaptation of the “Full Throttle” short story.

Interview with a Corpse (Elementary Spec Script) – Sherlock and Joan investigate a mysterious death while Marcus works with troubled teens